KAT has just placed an order for one of Emmegi’s flagship Quadra sawing and machine centres as it continues to invest to keep pace with its record breaking growth.

The Macclesfield based fabricator saw sales of aluminium products increase by 64% in 2016 and is predicting a further increase of 40% this year, so its priority was to choose a machine which could guarantee to increase both volumes and efficiency.

KAT’s team estimates that, with the Quadra, they will be able to fabricate an additional 200 windows and 80 doors per week, without any increase in manpower.

The Quadra is the Rolls Royce of Emmegi’s range and carries out sawing, notching and 360º machining in one continuous processing operation. It is completely flexible, with little or no profile related tooling, freely programmable software and even the capability to process bars of different profiles in the same loading and machining operation.

Chris Powell, KAT’s Commercial Director, said: “We looked at various high volume machines but felt that the Quadra had the edge when it came to performance and reliability. We’ve had an Emmegi saw here for several years and we added an Emmegi Phantomatic X4 machining centre last year; and have been impressed with the robustness and durability of both.

“The whole Emmegi team have been responsive and efficient throughout the buying process and we’re definitely looking forward to getting the machine installed and commissioned at our new Macclesfield factory in just a few months.”

KAT has joined an elite group of UK fabricators who are now using the Emmegi Quadra, which includes Express Bi-Folds, Duggans and Unique Window Systems.

Further details are available at www.emmegi.com or on: 02476 676192 or, for KAT, on: 01625 439666 or at www.katuk.co.uk