One of the UK’s largest, independent uPVC frame manufacturers, TruFrame, have returned a 12.7% growth in 2016, as demand for their hand finished frames continues to rise.

‘It’s been a special year for TruFrame, with frame count exceeding 4,000 during several spikes at the latter end of the year’, explained David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame.

He continued: ‘The business has grown on the back of sustainable new business and strong organic growth, thanks to a proactive programme of marketing campaigns, designed to deliver increased sales. In 2017 we will also undertake the biggest investment programme this business has ever seen, as we look to put in place the capabilities and resources to grow further.’

TruFrame has been one of the leading companies encouraging smaller fabricators to unplug their equipment and buy in, with multi-channelled marketing campaigns targeting selected businesses, based on size and location. The company has also invested in their embryonic TruFrame Direct business model, which involves the opening of premium trade counters in selected locations where they have little local representation.

David Firmager concluded: ‘We have achieved impressive returns across a number of sales channels and our plans are to build on the considerable success of 2016 in 2017 and beyond. Our exemplary levels of customer care, the unique hand finishing process to all of our frames and results driven customer marketing campaigns are stand out features of our unique proposition.’

See the ‘Complete Package’ video on TruFrame’s YouTube channel to find out why so many companies are changing to TruFrame. For marketing information call 01664 410 140 or email the team directly on You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @TruFrame.