PR093 _DSC0388As the end of Conservatory Outlet’s financial year draws to a close, the fabricator is celebrating significant growth which the company directors largely attribute to the success of its installer-customers.

Conservatory Outlet supplies to a network of dealers, with one dealer established in almost every region across the UK, and provides them with a unique level of marketing and sales support.

As a result of its customers’ success Conservatory Outlet has grown 50% year on year.

“As a supplier to a very small customer base, we’re not your usual trade fabricator,” comments Greg Kane, managing director of Conservatory Outlet. “Through forming close relationships with our customers we become an addition to their business, providing many of the tools they need to grow organically, which in turn heavily contributes to our own success.

“The majority of our growth comes from the increased purchases of existing dealers but we’ve recently welcomed new dealers on board which has added to this. This growth is part of the overall growth of the industry which is currently up nearly 9%. This is great news, particularly for our customers as they’re ideally positioned to take advantage of a strong market.”

Having a small community of customers means Conservatory Outlet can respond quicker to their feedback, working closely with them to develop products that both suit the needs of the dealer and reflect current demand in the industry.

Greg comments: “We’ve introduced a number of new products to our range, for example aluminium bi-folds and traditional flush sash windows before that. Rather than sourcing various products from multiple fabricators, Conservatory Outlet dealers can get almost everything from one trusted supplier.

“It’s the convenience of this business model, and the customer support that it offers, which has seen an increase in volume of products bought as well as range. Alongside our uPVC range we can now offer specialist products to help dealers enter, and win business in, a wider variety of markets.”

As much of its growth relies on its established dealers, Conservatory Outlet has plans to implement new initiatives in the future to continue this success.

Greg concludes: “We’re about to introduce a solid roof system which is a very popular product and one that opens up a lot of opportunities in the conservatory market. We’re also looking to really diversify our customer support by helping dealers recruit, train and retain high calibre sales personnel.

“These things will not only benefit existing dealers, they will be made available to any new dealers that join our network in the few remaining unoccupied areas of the UK.”