R9 specialist trade fabricator Window Tech, has begun Residence 9 frame-only supply, freeing up installers to source glass locally.

It comes following the Essex-based fabricator’s in new Urban millers and welder from machinery specialist Promac Group.

This allows the manufacturer to fabricate window and door sashes using Timberweld® technology, emulating the appearance of a traditional 90°tiimber-type joint but also by welding rather than mechanically jointing sashes, delivering a far stronger joint and eliminating the requirement to glass bond IGUs.

Bob Wallis, Managing Director, Window Tech Trade, explained: “Manufacture of R9 is almost always mechanical but that means that glass units have to be glass bonded into sashes because the glass performs a structural role. That’s time consuming and can cause problems down the line.

“Our investment in a new Urban welder and millers means that we can recreate that traditional timber joint but weld it on the sash. That gives us a far stronger joint over screwing and gluing the joint and that means we don’t have glass bond.

“That’s a clear advantage to us and our customers. We can manufacture sashes more quickly but we also don’t need to glass bond and installers who buy from us can source glass separately as they would for any other trade frame.”

Supplied by Promac, Window Tech invested in Urban AKFU 250 and 330 millers and an AKS4310 welder at the end of last year. This has allowed it to cut production time per sash from anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes to just eight, within most cases, no requirement to glass bond.

According to modelling by Promac, a line with two-millers, a welder and two operatives trim manufacturing time per sash back from 15-20 minutes to just eight. This it says can be shortened to 3.5 minutes with six millers, two welders and two operatives.

“Timberweld® won’t necessarily allow you to eliminate the requirement for glass bonding in every sash you make but it will in the majority. It also won’t work for every system as R9 has 10mm greater depth than comparable systems”, explained Lee Marriott, Sales and Marketing Manager, Promac Group.

“If, however, you’re doing sensible numbers and you want an absolutely premium finish inside and out it’s an exceptional solution, allowing you to manufacture sashes far more quickly, increase joint strength to a level comparable with a standard 45° PVC-U mitre in 90° timber-type joint.

Window Tech is currently fabricating just short of 100 R9 doors and windows a week and expects to hit around 150 fpw by the summer, moving almost exclusively towards the 90° welding of sashes.

“What it means is that our customers can can source glass in exactly the same way as they would for any other window. Supplied as un-glazed product, it also makes our product far easier to handle on site.”

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