DPrice GPriceTuffX’ latest investment revolves around the field of sports sponsorship and this year the leading glass processor is delighted to announce that it will be one of the main sponsors for boxing champion, David Price.

As an English professional boxer from Liverpool, David competes in the heavyweight division and is the former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion who also won a bronze medal in the 2009 Olympics.

TuffX believes in supporting sporting talent through sports sponsorship and has chosen David Price as they share the same ideology of quality and commitment combined with a strong belief in always striving for excellence.

Furthermore, as a cousin of TuffX’ Managing Director, Graham Price this will give him family support and brings the opportunity to work together promoting the exciting sport of boxing.

As one of Britains’ top athletes, David will become the new ambassador for the entire TuffX Brand. Known as The ‘Knock Out King’ David is at the top of his game and at the beginning of February 2014 won his fight in Stuttgart against Istvan Ruzsinsky at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle. Ruzsinsky was unable to continue after being hit in the First Round with two devastating right hand punches from David, which sent him crashing to the canvas.

TuffX also believes that this sponsorship will be particularly effective in connecting the company’s brands with consumers. Building the brand through the acceleration of social media and data driven sponsorship will help to further establish brand awareness which will be a positive thing for the industry, helping to target wider consumer audiences.

Graham Price comments, “Sponsoring David will give an unparalleled opportunity to reach a bigger audience for the company which will enable us to capitalise on brand exposure. Mainstream sporting sponsorship is starting to breakdown because technology is making areas that have traditionally been seen as niche or unattainable reach mass audiences.

We have decided to go a little further than just mainstream advertising and feel supporting David, will be a mutually positive step for everyone. David has a bright career ahead and we are very proud to be sitting alongside him.”