ClimaGuard DS PR ImageGuardian Glass UK is pleased to announce the launch of ClimaGuard DS, an advanced soft coat Low E glass which has similar durability and performance to alternative hard coat Low E options.  Historically, hard coat Low E glass has been known to have a slight brown colour distortion with an element of haze when viewed from particular angles, as the sun’s light catches the coated surface.  Guardian’s new ClimaGuard DS is an offline, magnetron sputter-coated Low E glass, which offers similar attributes to its hard coat Low E rival, without the brown colour distortion or issue relating to haze.

Unlike other soft coat Low E glass options, ClimaGuard DS can be treated much more like a hard coat glass.  It doesn’t require edge deletion (the process of removing a perimeter of the coating from the glass surface before manufacturing into an insulting glass unit) and has a far more robust coating, allowing it to be processed and manufactured like hard coat glass.

The new ClimaGuard DS uses advanced magnetron glass coating technology to achieve a low 1.3 centre pane U value in a common Argon filled 28mm unit.  Combined with a high g value (solar heat gain), ClimaGuard DS offers similar performance in Window Energy Ratings to other hard coat Low E glass options, easily achieving a Window Energy Rating band C for Building Regulation Document L compliance.

Unlike hard coat Low E, the lower U values achievable with ClimaGuard DS makes it easier to comply with Building Regulation Document L through the whole window U value route of compliance.  ClimaGuard DS can easily achieve a 1.6 Uw compared to other hard coat Low E glass options which tend to rely on Window Energy Ratings for Building Regulation Document L compliance.

“This is the most recent addition to our current Low E glass range” – said Mark Bristow, Regional Manager for Guardian Glass UK.  “With the recent release of ClimaGuard A 1.0 and ClimaGuard A 1.1 we have offered a comprehensive selection of commercial Low E products.  We then released our new and improved ClimaGuard A+ which has taken the lead in Window Energy Rating performance for Low E glass.  Now we have launched ClimaGuard DS which offers a soft coat alternative for hard coat Low E glass applications.  This is an exciting time for Guardian Glass UK as we are going from strength to strength.”

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