The latest edition of Deceuninck’s glossy consumer-focused magazine is out now. The magazine is always an insightful and interesting magazine, but this edition is packed with information on Deceuninck’s ground-breaking new products.

Readers can find out all about Omniral, the window industry’s first fully coloured frame that doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency or design. There’s also information on the Linktrusion technology which does away with traditional steel reinforcing and results in a fully recyclable window that’s almost as strong but is up to 30% better insulated and has up to a 40% saving on materials and weight. These new products are set alongside a story celebrating Deceuninck’s 75th anniversary and show that a successful company never stops innovating.


There’s also a look at the green credentials of PVC-U and a reminder to sceptical consumers that it’s increasingly included on lists of “green” building products. Following this timely reminder, there’s a look at vertical sliders and Autentica, two Deceuninck products that demonstrate that PVC-U is more than suitable for use in heritage properties, good news for those homeowners that want to balance traditional aesthetics with technologically advanced thermal efficiency.

This edition also puts a spotlight on Twinson decking and cladding – perfect for consumers looking to improve their outdoor spaces now the weather is improving – and the Zendow 3000 series and the Zendow Monorail.

For specifiers and architects, there’s a look at the coloured products that Deceuninck can offer, while the edition concludes with a reminder of Deceuninck’s product philosophy: to build a sustainable home.

Strong marketing support is an important feature of any system house’s offering. In WindowShopper, Deceuninck is providing a value-added publication that showcases the quality and innovation on offer to the consumer and helps in the selling process.