There’s always an excuse when it comes to getting up off the couch and doing something active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and Glazerite Windows Limited Purchasing Manager Paul Maddern knows this – and that’s precisely why he decided to make a change.

With a wedding fast approaching, Paul and his now wife Abi – who was also recovering from invasive back surgery to correct lifelong scoliosis – decided that they were sick of being overweight and unfit. Adamant that they wanted to kick themselves into shape ready for the big day they worked with a personal trainer and the results were epic.

“Both of us wanted to get in shape for the wedding to look our best,” explained Paul. “Abi’s operation for scoliosis meant she wasn’t able to exercise for months. I’d put on three stone as well and just wanted to be trim, so we thought we’d give it a chance.

“We wanted to improve our self-confidence and do our own rehab. I wouldn’t say we were let down but Abi wasn’t offered much in the way of physiotherapy. She wanted to strengthen her core after the operation.”

Through a combination of exercise and eating better – cutting out junk food, chocolate and alcohol – Paul went from nearly 17 stone down to 14st 11lb, while also gaining a stone in muscle, while Abi went down to 9st 9lb from just over 11 stone.

Achieved in just 16 weeks, personal trainer and nutritionist Simon Hall said of the transformation: “It was really quite emotional at the wedding as when I first met them they were really down, so it was great to see two energised, happy and lean people for their big day.”

Healthy, happy and married, Paul’s colleague were amazed by the transformation. Glazerite Director Jason Thompson said: “It really was amazing seeing Paul’s transformation. In just four months he looked like a completely different person and we couldn’t be happier for him and Abi.”

Following the transformation, both Paul and Abi were asked to appear on That’s Manchester, Freeview television channel 8, with trainer Simon to tell their story.

Glazerite is VEKA’s largest trade fabricator in the UK as well as a prominent and long-standing Network VEKA member. It offers a fully nationwide service based on manufacturing units in Northants and Greater Manchester as well as a distribution hub in Bristol serving South Wales and The West of England.