Multi-Point Window Lock Shoot

Door and window hardware specialist ERA has added to its portfolio of high-security products with the introduction of a high-security multi-point lock (MPL) for windows. Branded Fortress, for the fabricator and installer, its design ensures a fast and easy fit, while for the customer; there is the added peace of mind of support from the Saracen Guarantee Scheme.

The MPL technology employed by Fortress ensures that fabricators can achieve ultimate PAS security while its modular construction enables fabricators to upgrade to shootbolts with minimal stock. The lock is designed with double locking hooks and extension shootbolts. The non-croppable bi-directional shootbolts minimise fabrication time, making it quick and easy to build a window using Fortress.

Benefits for installers include a keep design that allows adjustment from inside the property, retractable hooks that give maximum clearance for ease and speed of installation, with improved clearance meaning that performance of the lock is less sensitive to the gap between the window and frame.

Describing the design of Fortress, ERA’s Product Manager for window hardware Kerry Blackford says: “With growth in consumer awareness, there is an increasing demand for high-security door and window hardware. The Fortress enables fabricators and installers to offer a high-security option with their windows without adding to the time or complexity of the build. For installers, the lock is designed so that on-site set up is fast and easy, with the adjustment on the keep on the outer frame, so there is no need to access the window from outside to make any fine adjustments. There are also features included in Fortress that can be demonstrated to customers to reinforce the high security message and an additional selling point is the support of the Saracen Guarantee Scheme.”

Selling points for customers include fully retractable hooks that complement the aesthetics of the window and ‘bear grip’ double hook locking points with hooks that give a greater locking point to maximise the security. The addition of the grouphomesafe Saracen Guarantee Scheme also means that should a break-in succeed through the failure of a Fortress lock, the installer can offer repair or replacement of the window to a cost of £500 and pay the householder up to £500 for any losses incurred during the break in.

For more information on the Fortress window MPL contact ERA on 01922 490060. For more information on Grouphomesafe companies and products, visit