Wrekin2Looking for a CNC cleaner with reliability and a high build quality, Telford-based Wrekin Windows recently made the decision to invest in one of Kombimatec’s EV475 6 Axis CNC Cleaners.

The EV475 is the perfect cleaner for all profile joints, including corner, transom, reverse butt and cruciform. Featuring a Mitsubishi electronic control system and advanced profile identification system, the CNC program runs through its cleaning cycle in a single clamping operation facilitated by tools which automatically rotate from 0 to 90 degrees.

Able to be positioned accurately along the left or right mitre line, thanks to the multiple axes on each tool carriage, the standard tooling includes 3mm groove knives, flat knives [for foiled profiles], and vertical pick knives. Not only that, the solid design of the EV475 limits the resonation often generated by high speed tooling, and allows the tools to begin working the second they arrive in to position without a programmed delay for resonations to subside.

According to Alan Edwards, the Production Manager for Wrekin Windows, the EV475 was the perfect purchase. “We’ve had no trouble with it at all. It’s excellent,” he excitedly states. “The installation was easy thanks to Kombimatec doing most of the preparation work in advance, which meant we could get it up and running within the space of two days.”

The movements of the EV475 are controlled and smooth with all axes running on rails with linear guides and recirculating ball screws. Using a combination of linear measuring devices and laser sensors to identify the product and select the program needed to clean, once the joint is clamped and a match is found the machine automatically loads and executes the cleaning program required.

Purchased as a direct replacement for an older style of machine, Wrekin chose the EV475 as a perfect upgrade to their production line. Allowing their manufacturing capacity to increase greatly during the multiple shifts they impose, the company are now able to satisfy high production demands with ease.

“Put it this way,” Edwards adds. “After the excellent customer service Kombimatec offer, and the fact that the EV475 is incredibly efficient, I wouldn’t even think twice about purchasing another one if we needed to do so.