A rise in trend for timber and composite double door combinations brought the new Winkhaus ‘Grand Entrance’ collection to life this summer.

Winkhaus is meeting this new trend by presenting a range of their high security multi-point locking systems that fuse with the FAB slave door lock, a perfect fit for applications such as traditional French doors, or Entrance doors with an opening side panel.

The Grand Entrance Collection is already attracting well-deserved market attention for its product ingenuity. The collection eliminates the need for a security kitemark cylinder, cylinder guard, handle, or dummy mullion on the slave door. Operated by a flush, integrated two way lever the FAB slave lock throws two heavy duty 20mm shootbolts into the head and cill. Combined with a Winkhaus multi-point lock on the master door the locking hooks or deadbolts penetrate the FAB slave lock to secure the two leafs together. No additional hook keeps are required.

The newest addition to the Grand Entrance collection is the Winkhaus ThunderBolt™ fused with FAB. It creates a 5-Point Locking system designed especially with up increased fitting tolerances for door installers, due to its use of double linear deadbolts at each locking point.

Additional locking systems in the suite include the popular AV2, and battery operated version AV2-B. both offer the additional benefit of automatic locking once the door is closed providing home owners with instant security.

The Grand Entrance collection represents a skilful combination of innovation and technology, creating an intelligent solution designed for longevity.

For further information or literature, please contact Winkhaus on 01536 316091 or email marketing@winkhaus.co.uk