High pressure sales, “too-good-to-be-true” discounts, and not hitting the relevant chord with the end consumer during the sales pitch are three of the most common mistakes made by sales people in the home improvement sector, according to a leading software developer for the window and door industry.

Gloucester-based Windowlink has been helping retail companies improve sales conversion rates in the domestic market for over 30 years, through its leading retail applications, Focus and Vector. Managing director Mark Dudley, said: “Our presentation, sales and pricing software solutions are helping hundreds of forward-thinking installers across the UK maximise their chances of success in the consumer market.

“Dated sales techniques such as offering huge discounts, pressurising the homeowner to commit to an order, or being unprepared for your sales pitch – they are all regarded as unacceptable by the knowledgeable modern consumer who values transparency and professionalism above all else.

“Vector and Focus give salespeople the tools they need to deliver a very different kind of sales pitch – relaxed, friendly, and transparent. Our software turns selling into a collaborative process – customers design their windows, doors or conservatory/orangery with the salesperson. While Focus and Vector do not pressurise the homeowner into making a decision, they are a very powerful sales aid, helping installers increase conversion rates exponentially, with much less effort.”

Featuring an instant pricing option which can be fully customised to reflect a window retailer’s exact rates, alongside their individual product portfolio, Windowlink’s applications are also protecting companies from the industry’s characteristic sales staff migration.

Whatever the reasons behind it, the high turnover rate of sales personnel can be a very serious setback for double glazing firms, especially when taking into consideration the amount of time necessary to train new staff and get them up to speed with the product offering.

“Focus and Vector can be customised to display only the products you offer, together with the colours, hardware, configurations and features available in your range, while eliminating costing mistakes thanks to the handy instant pricing option,” said Mark. “By using our highly intuitive applications, new sales staff do not need to go through lengthy training processes, saving the company a considerable amount of time and money on a regular basis.”

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