From rolling up his sleeves to providing marketing advice, Matt Janicki, the Area Sales Manager for the North West for REHAU Windows Solutions, is always on hand to offer his help to customers.

Although still relatively new to the sales team at REHAU, Matt has been part of the wider REHAU team for many years – and this experience in a multitude of roles is still paying dividends and staying true to the company‘s promise to keep it all in hand.

“I first joined the industry as a REHAU PVC fabricator back in 2005, ” says Matt, “and from that position I’ve worked as an order processor, in accounts, on the factory floor, in marketing before moving onto sales.

“This experience has helped me in many ways – not only do I know the products inside out, but I also understand the day to day issues faced by my customers. The everyday things that businesses are dealing with, machinery faults, staff shortages, all of this was what I dealt with in the past and that really helps. On top of that I also know how to speak to the end user and what they need to know about the product, which is an additional help.”

And since joining the sales team at REHAU, a key part of the company’s total support package provided to customers, Matt has had to often put some of these practical skills to the test.

“The first time my experience really came to help was within the first few weeks on the job, when a customer expressed some concern about a profile, ” said Matt. “I suspected it to be a problem with the machine so I took my tie off and within half an hour it was working much better. I recommended a full service with one of my contacts and since then there has been no problem at all.“

Further to the hands on experience Matt has also been able to add value to his customers marketing approach by suggesting ways to target potential customers.

“Sometime it’s looking at things from a different angle, or with different experience,” Matt added.

But all in all it’s this willingness to go the extra mile that drew Matt to the REHAU team.

“I really enjoy the family feeling that REHAU offers to both its customers and employees. We not only invest in gaining knowledge within the team but we share that with our customers. This push to always expand our knowledge and continually innovate is a huge motivation for me as part of the team here. ”

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