Deceuninck Classic 3000 (Autentica)_DSC0492In most markets and windows is no exception, products start off as being very different. Then, over the years competing companies start to catch up. They try to match or improve on the advantages of rival products. After several years it’s not unusual to have many near-identical products. Companies using those undifferentiated products find it harder to compete. Prices fall because it’s hard to ask a premium for virtually identical products.

That’s why Deceuninck believes so passionately in innovating to differentiate its windows and doors. We do it so customers have unique products that stand out from others, ensuring they sell when others can’t, at prices others wish for.

It takes a lot of investment over a long period to create difference. Most of all it takes a different approach to designing windows and doors. Have a look at our new ‘Why Deceuninck’ brochure where we list some of the very real differences that differentiate Deceuninck and make our range unique.

Every systems company has two suites, a chamfered suite and a sculptured suite. But neither looks right in modern contemporary and commercial properties. That’s why – uniquely – Deceuninck has three window systems specifically for the British market. Our fabricators also say Deceuninck’s windows are uniquely symmetrical.

Peter Dyer, Sales & Marketing Director, Dempsey Dyer told me: “Deceuninck’s windows are symmetrical, so they mirror inside and out, which is a huge benefit compared to other systems. The rebate height of the frames and sashes match the height of the glazing bead, so they are not higher or lower than the other. This parallel sightline makes for a cleaner view from the inside out, and the outside in. Being able to offer a bead with the same shape as an internally beaded sash or an externally beaded frame and not tell the difference is also a big plus.”

We make our own tooling, and make to tighter tolerances than the industry standard. We work to +/-0.2mm in height and +/-0.3mm in width rather than +/-0.3mm in height and +/-0.5mm in width. And we aim to make the flattest profiles in the industry. So, what? Tighter tolerances and flatter profiles mean they go through machinery better, so you get less waste in the factory and your customers have fewer problems installing.

Roy Frost Deceuninck MD_DSC0161The service and support we provide is different, and more personal. It helps our customers compete more effectively. A number of systems companies offer smart selling aids. But check out our PricePad and Energy Calculator. If you haven’t already seen them call me or one of the team, because those who have seen them recognise their effectiveness straight away.

Every systems company seems to be offering free websites to their fabricators. Most I’ve seen are pretty basic, the sort you can buy for a few hundred pounds. But, our web experts are designing powerful websites for customers and their installers. These websites work on mobile and tablets. They’re not cheap templates, but proper tailored websites worth £15,000. We also know you want to promote your brand not ours, so we’re offering bespoke brochures and point of sale materials from our expert design team.

Listening to customers, we realise how different Deceuninck is. All these advantages give customers, and their customers, a powerful competitive edge. Many fabricators and installers want to build their business and grow. But they’re held back by various factors. Competing with a non-differentiated product is probably the biggest challenge.

I believe most fabricators and installers have got so used to products without real difference they’ve given up expecting differentiation. That’s why we created Deceuninck’s ‘Release your hero within’ campaign: to focus on the liberating effects of true difference. The effects help ambitious fabricators and installers build their business, free of the difficulties and frustrations of competing with competitors selling near-identical products. So what is the ‘D’ for? The D is for difference and empowering differentiation. The D is for Deceuninck.

Call me on 07808 365234 or visit if you want to release your hero within.