Faced with tight deadlines, Weatherite Aluminium Solutions designed, manufactured and installed a new entrance facade for Morrison’s supermarket in St Ives, Cambridgeshire on time and on budget.

The project included the design, manufacture and installation of curtain wall screening and manual swing doors to a sub-let unit, further curtain wall screening with bi-folding doors to a café, five standard curtain wall screens, two first floor windows and a large glazed lobby in curtain walling with two sets of automatic bi-parting doors.

“The project required the use of glass cranes so there were special planning requirements and additional health and safety considerations” explained Dan Male, General Manager of WASL, “ISG Construction chose to work with us because we have a wealth of experience in handling this kind of project and we rewarded their confidence by delivering the project on time”.

One of the UK’s leading providers of entrance facades, Weatherite Aluminium Solutions specialise in delivering bespoke solutions, combining quality aluminium shop fronts with automatic doors, curtain walling and an extensive range of security shutters and grilles to produce a fully integrated aesthetically pleasing installations.

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