Replacing windows or doors in listed buildings or conservation areas? For many installers and homeowners, the choice of material (preferred or enforced) is usually timber but with that choice comes numerous challenges, none more so than getting the right ventilation solution.

When Building Regulations, Approved Document F (means of ventilation) changed in June 2022, it became compulsory for companies replacing existing windows and doors, to meet the properties’ ventilation requirements to the new standard.

Compounding the issue of compliance, many local authorities even insist that the identical type of timber is used when installing replacements. Add to this, is the homeowner’s discernment and preferences for a perfect finish and it is easy to see why getting the right ventilation solution is now a vital factor for any installation of replacement timber windows or doors.

With mechanical ventilation being expensive, inconvenient and time consuming to install, the most practical and affordable way to compliance for both installers and homeowners is to install trickle vents to the window and door profiles or frames.

Glazpart (the glazing components and hardware manufacturer) has one of the best trickle ventilation solutions with its award-winning Link Vent range.

The Link Vent range comes in sizes 5000, 4000 and 2500 EQA and all are designed to fully comply with Building Regulations (Approved Document F).

With a clever design, simple and user-friendly for both opening and closing – the Link Vent’s innovative and flexible closing action allows the closure plate to be positioned so that it reduces draughts by directing air away from occupants. The Link Vent closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator.

The Link Vent also has rounded ends of the vent to allow for installation on timber windows and it is available in either screw or clip in fixing types – the design eliminates the need for end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation.

Easy fitting and functionality are essentials but it is the huge choice of colours and decorative finishes that sets Glazpart’s Link Vent range apart from the competition.

For over ten years, Glazpart has consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery and tooling to provide a vast spectrum of colours and finishes for the Link Vent range including Premium  Woodgrain Link Vents which are ideal for timber products. When it comes to heritage properties, many fabricators and installers are using the Link Vent Premium ranges because they blend in perfectly with the look not only of the building but often the surrounding environment.

Dean Bradley, Glazpart Sales Director explains:

“For timber windows and doors, we can match most woodgrains and colour finishes. Glazpart is an approved colour paint sprayer and we have a specialist colour matching service that can match non-standard colours and supplied colour/finish samples.”

The Glazpart Link Vent colours are also extremely stable and durable with the vents holding their colour through constant exposure to extreme and constant elements of weather, without noticeable fading.

Earlier this year, Glazpart launched handy packs of Link Vents which contain a minimum order quantity of 10 vents or canopies for premium finishes. This new pack size enables fabricators and installers to add the premium finishes to their range without having to order the standard 100 per box. This new order quantity means companies can order the vents as and when they need them for specific  jobs.

Dean Bradley

Dean Bradley summarises, “As homeowners become more particular regarding the aesthetic of their windows and doors, fabricators and installers should be offering the widest possible range of colours and finishes for traditional timber windows and doors. Glazpart has the facilities and capacity to deliver a vast range of colours and woodgrain finishes suitable for timber windows and doors to fully meet expectations of homeowners.”

Though most homes in conservation areas or those that are historically listed can only install timber windows and doors, some homeowners may just be wanting a traditional look to fit with a classic architectural design. Glazpart is pleased to supply Premium Link Vents that will complete the perfect finish and ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

To find out more about Glazpart’s Link Vent range for heritage and timber windows and doors. Please contact a member of the Glazpart team. Contact Us | Glazpart

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