KRONOS has secured the ‘top spot’ as VEKA plc’s 2021 Supplier of the Year.

The manufacturer of the most effective whitening agent in the world – titanium dioxide – was named as the overall winner from this year’s supplier list.

VEKA plc uses only the highest quality raw materials and components for its industry leading PVC-U systems and the company is proud to celebrate the suppliers that go above and beyond in both product and service.

VEKA’s Procurement & Mixing Plant Manager Nicola Woods said: “VEKA Group is the industry’s leading manufacturer of PVC-U profile systems and has a reputation for quality and reliability, which could not be maintained without the support of our suppliers.”

The selection process to become a VEKA supplier is rigorous, their carefully chosen partners also undergo continuous, stringent monitoring to ensure standards are upheld.

Nicola continued, “Key suppliers are provided with a monthly ‘vendor rating report’ which outlines how we have judged their performance. They are graded on quantitative data such as number of non-conformances and ‘on time in full’ deliveries, but also on qualitative data such as customer service, flexibility, and timely responses to queries.”

This means that VEKA can closely monitor their supply chain and continue to provide an excellent customer experience. Suppliers must meet or exceed expectations each month in order to remain on VEKA’s approved supplier list. This data also enables the hard work of top suppliers to be recognised and celebrated. KRONOS achieved the maximum possible points in 2021, meaning that they couldn’t possibly have provided a better service.
Sven Hartmann, Key Account Manager at KRONOS said “We are honoured and feel grateful for this Award! Furthermore, we are pleased to know VEKA plc is on our side as a long term and loyal partner and will continue focusing on maintaining the well-known service and further grow the partnership. VEKA were, are and will remain an important part of our business and strategic partner in the future.”


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