Maco C-TS Door Lock 290513

VBH stocks Maco’s new Protect C-TS locks, which allow a wide range of door styles to be fabricated using the same lock, thus reducing fabricators’ stock levels and simplifying their order process.
C-TS has both lift/lever and split spindle capabilities. The function is selected by the choice of spindle fitted; solid bar for lift/lever or Maco split spindle pack for split spindle function.
Operating forces are extremely low due to increased handle movement and MACO ‘D’ drive technology, alongside a locking procedure that ensures all gasket compression is achieved via the roller cams. The forged steel hooks provide security to PAS24:2012 standard and do not come into contact with the striker plates unless the door is attacked.
All lock cases are compact to minimise the profile routing requirement, and the central lock case will accept either sprung or unsprung 92PZ door handles such as the greenteQ Alpha original or Curve.
C-TS locks are supplied in silver look as standard. This provides 480 hours neutral salt spray test results. However, even greater corrosion resistance can be achieved if Maco Tricoat PLUS coating is specified.
C-TS locks are approved under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme.
More information on Maco C-TS door locks can be downloaded from