Hardware specialist VBH now stocks Multi-Matic, the latest tilt and turn system from Maco.

Multi-Matic is available in both surface fit and ‘Invisible’ concealed hinge versions, and in standard and PAS24 security configurations. PAS24 kits feature IS (Intelligent Security) mushroom roller cams, which are adjustable for compression and height. The revolving action of the cam means that operation is very smooth even on security windows that include many locking points.

Multi-Matic has been developed with an eye on fully and semi automated window assembly lines. Features include Klix-fix clips that hold the hardware into the Eurogroove prior to fixing and a ‘crop & punch’ connection system where cutting to size is required. VBH advise that Multi-Matic can also be easily assembled on a manual line by utilising optional connector plates. These enable manual cropping of the hardware without the need to punch a hole in the cropped faceplate end.

Multi-Matic carries sashes weighing up to 100KG but this can be increased further on Invisible hardware by fitting Maco’s innovative Multi-Power hinge system. Multi-Power hinges allow sashes weighing up to 150KG to be installed without the need for additional support. This feature is an important one as the call for triple glazed windows becomes more commonplace.

The dual purpose sash lifter guides the sash into the turn position so heavy windows close smoothly, minimising wear and tear. It also acts as a mishandling device to prevent the sash from entering the tilt and turn positions simultaneously.

Multi-Matic is supplied in Maco’s standard Silver-look surface protection finish. It can also be supplied in TRICOAT-PLUS finish to provide additional protection on installations in coastal areas or in regions with other aggressive atmospheres, such as heavy industry.

VBH Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson says ‘We’ve been supplying Maco tilt and turn systems into the UK since the early ‘80s and they’ve always been well received by the market due to Maco’s excellent quality and features. Multi-Matic builds on those with innovations such as the Multi-Power hinge that enables even the heaviest sashes to be installed.

‘The product is tried and tested in continental Europe and we’re confident it will be a big hit with UK installers and, of course, manufacturers of all sizes.’

Multi-Matic features in VBH’s Maco Tilt & Turn Hardware Systems catalogue which can be downloaded from www.vbhgb.com. Alternatively call 01634 263300 for further information.