Maco M-Spag 230513

VBH stocks M-SPAG, Maco’s latest outward opening window shootbolt.
M-SPAG is telescopic, with just 4 main sizes, and all fixings are applied from one direction. VBH advise that this makes M-SPAG quick and easy to fit as the window needs less handling, the quantity of parts required per sash is reduced, and there is no need to crop any hardware to size. This has a knock-on benefit of cutting out waste caused by mis-measuring.
The sliding elements are streamlined and made from silver-look plated steel to give the installed M-SPAG a neat finish.
The steel shootbolt ends hint at the product’s strength in use. M-SPAG is fully tested to exceed the current required standards and is approved under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme.
M-SPAG is supplied in silver look as standard. This provides 480 hours neutral salt spray test performance. However, even greater corrosion resistance can be achieved if Maco Tricoat PLUS coating is specified.
M-SPAG is supplied in Maco’s new M-PACK packaging, which is designed to increase box stability and access to the product when on the work bench.
VBH marketing manager Gary Gleeson states ‘M-SPAG is the latest in a long line of innovative casement window products from Maco. Fabricators love it as it is easy to stock, quick to fit and can be used on all sorts of windows including single and double sash windows and tall top hungs, where it works in conjunction with Maco’s centre lock system. It can also be used with the handle offset to the bottom of a side hung sash where access to a central handle is difficult.’
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