Z-TA Door Lock Maco & VBH 150713Is a key really needed? VBH say ‘not with the Protect Z-TA lock range’.

Hardware supplier VBH has added the automatic locking Maco Z-TA multi-point door lock to its range of keyless door locking solutions.

Suitable for all Eurogroove doors, Z-TA features 3 locking latches, 2 hooks and a central deadbolt. When the door is closed all 3 latches pull the sash in against the frame, providing compression over the full door height. A magnet in the latchplate then triggers the locking mechanism to engage the deadbolt and hooks. A single turn of the cylinder now renders the door fully secure, making Z-TA ideal for the elderly or infirm. If no lever is fixed to the outside, it is not necessary to turn the key to deadlock the door, although VBH point out that it will still be required to gain entry.

Z-TA can be fitted with an optional electronic motor that allows it to be used with the MACO openDoor range of access control readers. These enable access via car key or Maco blue transponder, credit card (chip or swipe), key pad, fingerprint scanner or mobile phone.

VBH marketing manager Gary Gleeson says ‘Part of our role as a hardware supplier is to offer our customers new innovations that they in turn can offer on their products as standard equipment or as an upgrade. Whether the innovation makes their product more ‘exclusive’ or, more tangibly, better in use, it differentiates them from their competitors, thus allowing them to sell on features rather than price.

‘Maco Z-TA scores well on both counts and impresses everyone we’ve shown it to.’

More on Maco Z-TA locks can be downloaded from www.vbhgb.com or requested from 01634 263300.