Combining style and security; UAP are always coming up with new products to both serve an important purpose and look aesthetically pleasing. Their ranges of door viewers are as easy on the eye as they are easy to see through, with their high clarity, high security and mist resistant features.

Showing insight into innovative door hardware solutions, UAP have a wide range of spyholes to fit all door shapes and depths, and also have 9 different finishes to choose from. The UAP door viewers have also been given the ‘Secured by Design’ seal of approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers!

David Jennings, UAP MD says, “Often people overlook the importance of having a door viewer. They are massively important to the overall security of the door. No one would leave their door open or unlocked, but con-artists and burglars don’t always need to be able to pick locks or break in. If you can’t see who’s on the other side of the door what’s stopping you opening it to the wrong person.”


Secure your Door

UAP Limited is concerned with your safety, supplying a range of products made with high security in mind. Once fitted with a maximum security lock and cylinder, the next stage in having the most secure door possible is to fit one of the stylishly designed door viewers. No door should be opened without checking who it is you’re opening it too, which is why a spyhole is the perfect security accessory.

David went on to say, “We have a massive range of viewers, and we have tried to cover every need a customer may have. We have specially designed fire resistant viewers as part of our Salamander Firecheck range and viewers which have gone through continuous sea salt spray testing and have been made to withstand harsh environments such as coastal areas. So, really we have all the bases covered. And above everything else these products will look fantastic on any door.”

Supplying such a wide range of viewers means customers can decide exactly what they want to fit their door needs. These include a Secure-to-view door viewer, which is not only wheelchair friendly but is the widest door viewer on the market, allowing for visibility of up to 2 metres. It even allows the observer to see underneath the door viewer to anyone who may be crouching down!

STV_1 copy

UAP even supply door viewer extensions meaning any door can be secured with these fittings. By offering such a great catalogue of accessories, you can ensure that not only do you have fantastic door security hardware, but that is fits perfectly.

The door viewers come in a range of finishes and colours, from as simple as black or white, anodised gold and silver, or mirror polished chrome and brass. The entire range of viewer’s come with coordinating door handles, knockers and letter plates; all made to the highest of standards and specifications.

After being screened and tested to DHF TS 002:2009 standards, all the viewers in the range have impeccable clarity, giving you a flawlessly transparent viewing experience; they are resistant to misting and in the event they do mist, can clear back to their former view quickly. They have the ultimate angle of vision, for maximum security and they can easily be adjusted.

Right on Q

We aren’t the only ones who see the impact of being able to check who is calling. Updated standards set out by the Building Regulations for England now state door viewers are essential door hardware when there is no other way of seeing callers outside the main entry point of a home.

The new Approved Document Q took effect in October of this year and is concerned with whether ‘easily accessible’ doors and windows are able to resist attack by a ‘casual or opportunist burglars.’ They must now prove to be both ‘sufficiently robust’ and ‘fitted with the appropriate door hardware’ – which now includes being fitted with a spyhole or some way to see through the door.

The guidelines are to help builders and those in the construction industry meet new standards set out by the Building Regulations for England. They specifically focus on door hardware requirements, which will become more stringent.

The updates apply to doors and windows that provide access from the outside of a dwelling or communal area of a building into a home.

To find out more about UAP’s door viewers or any of their other products, please check out their website: or call their sales team on: 0161 796 7268.