group-mailbagUAP Limited has launched a range of mail bags which will provide householder with increased security against burglars.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY® Mail Bag is the latest addition to the UAP range of door security solutions. The mail bag will fit to all 12” UAP Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates and will keep mail out of sight so a build-up is not noticed when the residents are away, it will also prevent key fishing and lock manipulation via the letterplate.

Key fishing has seen a rise over recent times with 2-in-1 burglaries becoming more and more common. Burglars are able to use to the letterplate to “fish” for keys or bags that are left in sight, from this they can then gain access to the house or car without leaving any signs of a break in. The MAX6MUM SECURTY® Mail Bag makes key fishing impossible.

The mail bag has been designed specifically for 12” UAP Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates and so has a slim, lightweight design with a snug fit. The frame is made from black fire retardant uPVC and has a universal slot to fit all up-stands on UAP Letterplates.

UAP MD, David Jennings said: “As the MAX6MUM SECURITY® Mail Bag has been designed to fit the UAP Letterplates we were able to achieve more with the design. It is very lightweight and as it is made to fit we did not have to use heavy metal which can often be large and ungainly. The mail bag is also incredibly easy to install, the internal side of the letterplate is used to sandwich the bag between the door and the outside.”

The MAX6MUM SECURITY® Mail Bag has a zipped pouch for collecting letters, magazines, catalogues and newspapers that are pushed through the letterplate. This keeps mail neat and tidy and hidden away.

David continued: “The Mail Bag will have a wide appeal as it is not only a fantastic security device but it is also ideal for those with limited mobility as they will not have to bend down to retrieve the mail from the floor. Social landlords will also benefit from the mail bag as mail left on the floor can be a trip hazard which could result in costly lawsuits.”

The MAX6MUM SECURITY® Mail Bag is available in suede black, white and bronze and is suitable for wooden, composite and uPVC doors.

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