The aspirational vision for today’s style-conscious homeowner is a large, airy family living space that’s flooded with natural light. The traditional solution to this is two panes of roof glass joined together with muntin bars, but these affect the wow factor of the space, not to mention run the risk of leaking. TuffX’s Ambi-Max roof glass, which comes in lengths of up to 4,000mm, solves these problems and helps homeowners create the dramatic stylish living space they’ve always dreamed of.

Managing Director of the specialist toughened glass manufacturer, Graham Price, comments: “Oversize glass offers a multitude of benefits for both homeowners and installers. Not only that, the cost is often comparable to the equivalent space created using standard glass sizes and muntin bars.”

TuffX’s Ambi-Max roof glass lets homeowners create dramatic spaces and because there is no need for muntin bars, a wealth of design options are opened up. As well as the aesthetic advantages, the lack of muntin bars removes the risk of leaks and call-backs, not to mention means self-cleaning glass can work more efficiently.

Graham says that installers are often concerned that oversize glass means more complex installations, but this is not the case. “Ambi-Max toughened sheets may be up to 4,000mm long, but they are still 4mm thick, so you don’t have to factor a different thickness into a roof design. And because you don’t need to use as many muntin bars, the installation process is a lot simpler and quicker too.”

Ambi-Max glass is available in four of TuffX’s Ambience roof glass ranges: Ambi-Aqua self cleaning glass, Ambi-Blue self cleaning glass, Ambi-Neutral self-cleaning glass and Ambi-Ultra, an ultra dark tinted glass with 91% solar reflection.

TuffX is established as one of the UK’s most progressive, customer-oriented companies and Ambi-Max oversize glass, with the wealth of benefits it brings to installers and homeowners, perfectly demonstrates why it has this reputation.