Picture 037The growing trend for larger living areas has had positive impact on the market as sales figures can prove for specialist manufacturer TuffX Conservatory Roof Glass over the last 12 months.   It would seem the desire to renovate and upgrade existing conservatory roofs is also a growing tendency within the home improvement sector with 10 – 15% of orders taken by the company on a monthly basis being for replacement roof glasss.

For most homeowners the addition of a conservatory is usually a more cost-effective solution to moving property, particularly if more space is required.  Conservatories  are a major selling point also for consumers who are looking to make the most of their gardens.

The increase in demand would appear to revolve around the ability to enlarge kitchens or informal living areas which is a continually growing trend.  Installing or upgrading conservatories enables the consumer to improve lifestyles and add space in a simple and cost-effective way.

This was demonstrated most recently in a striking project in Hertfordshire.  Mr Jonathan Lee had purchased a modern converted pub, which proved quite problematic due to one room with a glazed roof.  The rain created a major issue  every time there was a downpour as the existing polycarbonate roof leaked in various places.

Having heard about the possibility of replacing conservatory roofs, he decided that the best solution was to completely replace the old roof with a new self-cleaning glass option.

As the room was an integral part of the house it was vital that the right products were used to ensure that the leaks were fixed. The high performance, self-cleaning properties in the Ambience range provided the ideal solution, with the installation of Ambi-Aqua roof glass.

Mr Lee comments, ‘I had considered trying to fix the leaks but felt in the long term that it would be more cost effective to replace the entire roof.  The original roof obviously had seal problems and I was insistent that the company surveyed the project before installation began.  After hearing about replacement glass roofing options I evaluated the benefits of the Ambience range from my installer, after evaluating each one I felt that the Ambi Aqua option would be of the most benefit, got a quotation and survey done which all came well within the budget.’

He continues, ‘I am very pleased with the results as the room is an enjoyable living area and since installation I have every confidence in the product I have purchased.”

Senior management at TuffX believe that many customers are reaping benefits through retro-fit contracts as product performance and simple installation are leading to referrals.

For more information on the products available in the Ambience roof glass range please visit the website www.ambiglass.co.uk.