Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 09.37.52In line with its commitment to offer premium products that will accommodate more dynamic design concepts, TuffX now offers a new ULTRA GREY glass as part of its portfolio.

The highly body-tinted float glass is manufactured in-house in the same way as standard float glass which provides a high shine and intense grey colour. This gives customers more scope with both commercial and domestic projects.

The new ULTRA GREY is ideal for a wide variety of applications as its colour and opaqueness intensifies with its thickness, providing a variety of benefits.  Uses include shower screens, cubicles, splashbacks, partitions and wall panelling as well as radiators and internal doors.  The new glass makes an equally attractive furniture option as a table top, shelving or even cabinet doors.

The unique colour and opaqueness intensifies from a dark grey in the 4mm thickness to a virtually opaque black in the 10mm thickness.

The 4 and 6mm options provide privacy or vision control. Depending upon the light, when used between rooms the interior of a lighter room can be observed without the viewer being seen. Furthermore, from the lighter side, the glass appears as a black lacquered glass thus providing a one way function.

The 6mm and thicker makes an ideal choice for wall panelling or furniture with the glass being opaque enough to hide imperfections on a wall or cover the front of a cupboard or cabinet.

At 8 and 10mm thickness, the glass appears as virtually opaque black giving a solid, stone-like appearance, that looks like onyx.

These thicknesses give customers greater business scope with an attractive high shine aesthetic appearance that is combined with the flexibility of traditional float glass processing.

For more information on the ULTRA GREY option available from TuffX Processed Glass please call 0845 3 400 200 or visit the website