DixonAn unusually shaped conservatory roof which required a much needed overhaul has recently been installed in the home of a retired couple in Milton Keynes. Combatting the sun’s glare and reducing temperatures were the main priorities on the new replacement roof project.

With retrofit conservatory roofing becoming increasingly popular, demand for the TuffX Ambience range is quickly growing. As installers are now more familiar with the differing high performance benefits of the glasses in the range, business is increasing substantially as homeowners are impressed by both the quality and the aesthetics available.

For this recent south facing installation, Ambi-Aqua proved to be the ideal replacement solution providing up to 78% heat reflection and lower overall temperatures on hot sunny days. The property was extensively glazed at the rear with a large P shaped conservatory, which over many years had become dirty, cracked and more importantly had started to leak badly.

The original polycarbonate roof had in fact been part of a combination of conservatories joined together but the joins in the roofs had deteriorated to such a degree that they were leaking when it rained and could no longer be mended.

Due to the fluctuation in temperatures on hot or bitterly cold days the conservatory had not been used that much as it had been impossible to enjoy the space comfortably. After reading about replacement glass roofing Professor Fielding and his wife were delighted to find a solution to the problem that went over and above their expectations.

The Ambi-Aqua glass units used for the installation are made from specially coated units which provide exceptional thermal and sound insulation ensuring that on hot days temperature control is maintained and equally on cold days the room can now be used without extensive use of additional heating systems. Furthermore the glass protects furniture from fading badly.

Mrs Fielding comments, “We are absolutely delighted with our new glazed conservatory roof. We have recommended it to friends who have been staggered at the new look the conservatory now has when they have seen it. The new Edwardian style roof gives us the feeling of much more space and the glass cleans itself when it rains which makes maintenance so much easier for us. We hadn’t realised how immense the improvement would be in our home.

She concludes “I can’t speak highly enough about the installation which has taken place during one of the wettest times of year so far. The new roof was in place within a week despite terrible weather conditions and we are thrilled that we can now use the space as an integral part of our home.”

For more information on the choice of glass options available from the Ambience range please visit the website www.ambiglass.co.uk