TruFrame has launched a frame finish challenge, to scour the nation for a better finished standard uPVC window frame, than those carefully produced using their unique 4-step hand finishing process, at their manufacturing facility in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Now approaching a regular 4,000 frame per week output, the company continues to employ a 4-step hand finishing process that has served them so well over many years. This process involves the checking and refinishing of the corner contours, levelling off the outside edges, ensuring uniformity of the corner grooves and the cleaning of all apertures for weld-build up, by 15 full-time, skilled craftspeople. Careful quality control procedures and a tight ISO9001:2008 certification also add value to this important finishing process.

While the company still harnesses the latest cutting and machining centres, they believe that it is in the very finer detail of frame finishing that makes all the difference, as managing director, David Firmager points out: ‘It would be easier from a production and quality control point of view to eliminate this additional process. But I, along with our valued customer base, value the attention to detail, added quality and the fact that it’s part of our unique proposition at TruFrame.

He continues: ‘Despite capital investment by many, I still know of poor frame finishing and quality in this industry. I fully stand by the quality of our products and would challenge any installation company to find a better finished frame!’

The company also boasts a dedicated software development team for developing customer software that ‘talks’ to the backend systems at the manufacturing end of TruFrame. Plus, as part of a TruFrame complete package, there’s a dedicated marketing team putting customer’s business plans in place, growing them and helping make them more profit.

See the ‘Complete Package’ video on TruFrame’s YouTube channel to find out why so many companies are changing to TruFrame. For marketing information call 01664 410 140 or email the team directly on You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @TruFrame.