Trojan Press Release Pearl Windows ImageThe Trojan Group has just announced it will be sponsoring promising youngster Aaron Walsh in the 2014 Junior Max British Karting Championships. Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s Managing Director, said, “We are delighted to be sponsoring such a talented young man. He is driven to achieve excellence and success in his chosen field just as we are in ours, so it’s a good match.”

The sponsorship came about through Trojan’s relationship with Bolton’s Pearl Windows. Pearl’s Managing Director, Jeff Walsh, is Aaron’s father. Jeff says, “We are very proud of our son and do whatever we can support him. I’d like to thank Trojan for their sponsorship, which will go a long way to helping Aaron to build on his successes.”

Trade fabricator Pearl Windows is a loyal Trojan Group customer. Jeff Walsh says, “We have a great relationship with Trojan and value their commitment to our business. Their products offer valuable feature benefits and Trojan’s customer service is excellent.” Tony Chadwick echoes Jeff’s enthusiasm, saying, “We love working with customers like Pearl Windows. The company is one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing fabricators and is genuinely committed to delivering excellence in every area. It’s great to be able to support them in this commitment.”

Pearl buys a range of Trojan products through one of Trojan’s main distributors, Total Hardware, which is based in Leeds. Andy Cunningham, Managing Director at Total Hardware says the partnership with Trojan Group has proven to be a winning formula because of the suited range of products, their unique design, performance and quality. One of the key Trojan products Pearl Windows uses is the Midi flag hinge because it’s ideal for slimmer frames and doesn’t encroach on plaster lines. It’s adjustable in three dimensions with concentric compression adjustment and is supplied assembled and ready to fit, dramatically improving the fitting process. Jeff says, “We researched the market when choosing our flag hinge. The Trojan hinge offered the aesthetics we were looking for, as well as being very easy to adjust in the installation process.”

It’s often said that business is all about relationships and it seems that the one between Pearl Windows, Total Hardware and the Trojan Group is paying dividends. And if Aaron Walsh drives his way to success next year, they’ll be another winning relationship to celebrate!