Trojan Release VietnamThe Trojan Group has just announced the expansion of its manufacturing operation in Vietnam. Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director said, “The additional capacity will allow us to keep pace with growing demand for our products and continue to keep manufacturing in-house so we can maintain our stringent quality standards.”

The new build expansion will give the Group a further 20,000 square metres of manufacturing space. Tony Chadwick has just returned from a trip to the plant where he took part in a ceremony to mark the start of work on a new building. Work is due to complete in 2014.

The Vietnam plant opened its doors earlier this year, joining Trojan China as the Group’s second overseas manufacturing facility, and the expansion is a sign of how Trojan’s sales are going from strength to strength. But Tony is clear that growing sales were not the only reason for the expansion.

Tony says, “The investment we are making in Vietnam undoubtedly strengthens our ability to meet our customers’ demands. It also allows us to offer stability as all the signs are that production costs in China will rise in the coming years, not least because the value of the pound is weakening. By forward planning like this, we can help to protect our customers’ business from rising prices and market forces, helping them to keep control over their costs.”

In short, Trojan’s level of commitment to its customers not only covers the quality and engineering of its products but the bigger picture too. With commitment like that, it’s not surprising the company is having to expand its manufacturing capabilities!