Bespoke Migua movement joints installed at a new multi-storey car park in Wakefield, Yorkshire, are still performing flawlessly after five years of heavy use.

In 2010, Specialist Concrete Flooring Solutions (SCFS), working for main contractor Norwest Holst (part of French-owned Vinci plc), installed the concrete flooring on top of Bison precast plank decking.

The mechanical movement joints were absolutely crucial on this project where high dynamic loads imposed by constant traffic movements can result in significant forces acting on the structure. This was especially critical on the top deck of the car park which is exposed to the elements and has to be waterproof.

SCFS consulted tremco illbruck which proposed the installation of movement joint profiles from its Migua range.

The profiles used included Migutan FP110, installed above the exposed control office and on the top deck, with the Migutrans FS146 design installed in all other areas.

The Migutrans FS146 is an all-metal component designed for floors subject to large movements of plus/minus 25mm. Its telescoping all-metal profile is hard-wearing, maintenance-free and long-lasting, though not waterproof. However, its level profile means no gaps can occur so there is no accumulation of dirt or debris.

The Migutan FP110 joint is also capable of accommodating large movements; its flexible polymer joint ensures complete weather-tightness, making this the perfect solution for the exposed top deck and control office.

This application required considerable design work as well as skilled installation as the FP110 system had to be made to follow the form of the join down a ramped area, up a curbed part and through columns. Both the ordering of the profile and the installation required meticulous planning and several design meetings were required to ensure everything was done correctly.

After completion of the installations in 2010, SCFS director John Humphreys praised the Migua designs: “The system is very good and the components are robust, simple to install and low-maintenance.”

Five years on and a routine inspection has revealed that the joints continue to perform as intended at the 1,400-space car park despite the regular high volumes of traffic from commuters using the nearby Wakefield railway station.

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