Tradelink sees surge in demand for aluminium bi-folds

Tradelink, the trade fabricator celebrating 20 years experience of understanding installers’ needs, is delighted to report a marked rise in demand for its SMART aluminium bi-fold doors. Such is the demand that the Cambridgeshire based fabricator has now almost doubled the number of staff in its Aluminium Production Plant.

Managing Director, Jim Moody comments: “It has been widely reported that in difficult trading conditions bi-fold doors are one area of growth, and we have certainly seen a great deal of interest in our aluminium offering using SMART profile.

“These are widely used in the commercial or industrial sector for shop front work; as well as large shopline and low level walling. But one area where they really come into their own is in region specific domestic work, for example, in a mid terrace in London where standard bi-fold doors cannot be taken around to back of property. This is because the SMART door has a mechanically joined outer frame and so can be taken apart and put back together again, negating the need for access via a garden.

“Aluminium is a very versatile material in a variety of sectors due to its fine tolerance, with lots of coverage in domestic targeted work, particularly in the London area as demonstrated. We have already invested in our machinery in order to ensure we stay ahead of demand in our Aluminium Production Plant, and now the popularity of our aluminium bi-folds has made us take the decision to also recruit more staff at a time where many companies have implemented a recruitment freeze.”

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