“I’ve always believed in face-to-face selling. As an installer, I loved closing on the day – our Framepoint app was made for personal presentations. We had to adapt it quickly under the lockdown so installers could continue to use it to quote and sell, via video conferencing and screen-sharing apps.

“Our sales team had to adapt to remote selling too – but after a sharp drop when the lockdown started, enquiries and conversions are back on track. And we’ve heard positive news from customers who are determined to make the best of it, building a pipeline of orders for later.

“With showrooms shut, many installers are using social media, taking advantage of a spike in searches for home improvements. Some are asking homeowners to email property photos for a virtual makeover and quote.

“Others are offering ‘drive-by’ quotations, where reps take the picture. A few are quoting ‘live’ on their websites using chat pop-ups.

“This isn’t business as usual, but it is business. It could become the new normal.”

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