With over 150 years’ experience in producing locking systems, Winkhaus UK is a market leader producing innovative security solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s rapidly changing security and ease of use requirements.

Winkhaus’ Thunderbolt multi-point locking system is specifically engineered with increased tolerances in mind, to streamline the process for door installers. The 5-point locking mechanism features twin deadbolts in the upper and lower positions, each measuring 20mm long and 8.5mm thick, Thunderbolt provides security and peace of mind for homeowners and tenants.

Thunderbolt is operated by a lever or key turn which activates the bolts within the locking system, along with a deadbolt which is deployed by turning the key in the cylinder to add an enhanced level of security. Thunderbolt’s heavy duty keeps are manufactured using high grade steel, plated to comply with Grade 5 corrosion resistance requirement of BS EN1670 European Standard. The multi-point locking system is extremely easy to install and can be used with a range of doors including composite, timber, aluminium or UPVC.

Tolerance and strength

The Thunderbolt multi-point locking system features specifically designed twin nickel plated alloy deadbolts which are chamfered to allow a high degree of fitting tolerance for door installation. Engineered alloy sprung latch and nickel plated steel deadbolt provides the Thunderbolt with maximum strength in the centre of the door, and the deadbolt shape, with up to 2 mm adjustment to compensate for any misalignment of the door during and after installation.

Designed to harmonise with Winkhaus’ XR6 one star profile cylinders and armorShield two-star cylinder protection, Thunderbolt is compliant with Police ‘Secured by Design’ and passes the rigorous PAS24 security standard. Tested to 100,000 cycles at Winkhaus’ dedicated in-house laboratory, the sprung gearbox helps prevent handle ‘droop’.

Like all our multi-point locking systems, Thunderbolt features our innovative Nano Protect coating as standard, which protects the hardware from corrosion and the ability to recover from everyday wear and tear.

‘Family of Locks’: Interchangeable solutions 

Thunderbolt is part of Winkhaus’ ‘Family of Locks’ range, which makes it easier for fabricators and installers to interchange one of Winkhaus’ locks for another based on customer requirements. Using the same routing as AV4, Thunderbolt, TruLock and autoLock AV2 can be fitted to all door materials and interchanged on-site, thereby reducing the time spent by, and cost of, property services and maintenance contractors.

Thunderbolt Heritage

The Thunderbolt Heritage is a Key Turn Activated multi-point locking system which houses the cylinder at eye-level position, perfect for modern or traditional doors with ornate or architectural long bar or traditional pull door hardware. Featuring all the benefits of the Thunderbolt, this locking system lends itself perfectly to more contemporary designs, such as long bar pull handles, and is suitable for timber and composite doors.

Centre of Excellence

Winkhaus Meiningen is a state of the art design and manufacturing facility dedicated to our locking solutions, where our team designs, develops and produces solutions that focus on quality, durability, ease of use and also offer the ability to tailor solutions to meet your requirements.

Winkhaus mechanical locking systems have a long tradition and have always stood for high levels of functional safety, user-friendly convenience and reliable protection. Our mechanical technologies can be used for a range of buildings from individual entrance or apartment doors to larger offices and buildings.

To learn more about the features and benefits of our Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt Heritage locking solutions, visit our website, www.winkhaus.co.uk/en/Thunderbolt, or contact marketing@winkhaus.co.uk

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