The Window Company (Contracts) Ltd has always prided itself on the fact that it never cuts corners on site, and its latest recruit Tom Millar has demonstrated that in probably the best way possible.

At Eldon School in Enfield where timber windows were being replaced with PVC-U, Tom painstakingly hand finished the corners on every single new arched head window being fitted so that they exactly matched the timber originals.

Spending around 45 minutes on every window, Tom demonstrated a level of craftsmanship rarely seen on mainstream public sector projects.

He cut and shaped all of the trims on the inside and outside of the windows, slotting in the necessary insulation and ensuring that all of the cut edges were invisible on the frame.

Tom has recently joined The Window Company (Contracts) in a fitting team with his Dad, who he says has taught him all he knows about quality fitting and hand finishing. Tom said: “We take immense pride in our work and always want to delight the customer. That’s very much the approach of the whole company here, so they are happy for us to spend the extra time required to get the finish just right.”

At Eldon School, The Window Company (Contracts) replaced 68 windows with PVC-U alternatives fabricated in Profile 22 by Emplas Window Systems. This was just one of the 8 school contracts which The Window Company completed this year, as it has continued to broaden its reputation from social housing into the education sector.

Chairman David Thornton said: “We know from our KPI scores that we are amongst the most efficient commercial window installers in the country, but that is very much down to our streamlined systems and our highly ordered processes. We never cut corners, either on site or in our dealings with clients or residents and, as Tom has demonstrated here, that approach sets us apart from our competition.”