Trojan SS RangeNow that the colder months have arrived, many installers will have started experiencing the annual increase in callouts for window and door hardware finish failure.

Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group Managing Director, says, “Hardware finish failure is something that’s constantly on installer’s agendas because it’s increasingly a problem. Quite simply, zinc-based and aluminium or painted products will corrode sooner or later as a result of salt, acid erosion or a damaged surface. Our recent cold winters have accelerated the process for many products.”

As Tony points out, increasing numbers of callouts affect not only your bottom line but also your reputation, so it’s hardly surprising that many are searching for a solution.

Tony says, “Many installers turn to the British Standard for help finding a reliable product. BS EN 1670 Class 4 corrosion resistance means a product has successfully withstood 240 hours of salt spray testing is defined as meaning the product is suitable for service in outdoors conditions. Yet as many installers have found out, that’s no indicator of resilience.”

Increasing numbers of fabricators and installers are turning to stainless steel as the answer. The Trojan Group’s stainless steel range of door and window hardware saw a tremendous increase in sales throughout the year. Stainless steel products are extremely hard-wearing and more than capable of withstanding the most ferocious of winters without losing their good looks or functionality. In fact, so confident is the Trojan Group in the corrosion resistance of its stainless steel products that they all come with a 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

The Trojan Group’s range comprises T-hinges, letterplates, door knockers, door numbers, numerals and handles.  The Sparta Door handle is available at three price points. For budget projects, there’s the Standard range, which has stainless steel external faces and white or black inner faces. For mid-market projects there’s the Premium range, which has stainless steel external faces and zinc chrome or gold PVD inner faces. And for high-end projects, there’s the Elite range, which has stainless steel external and internal faces.

The Trojan Group’s stainless steel hardware gives all sectors of the market a product with corrosion resistance that will last the lifetime of the door it’s fitted on. As Tony says, “Can your business afford not to use stainless steel?