ClimaGuard Premium Image

Since Guardian installed their Magnetron Glass Coater last year they have been working around the clock producing ClimaGuard A+. The £35 million glass coater has been running 3 shifts and working tirelessly to meet market demands. The ClimaGuard A+ Low E glass produced at Goole has been exceptionally well received and claimed by many customers to be the most durable next generation Low E on the market. However, now Guardian have their own glass coating facility, they have far more flexibility and control over the production and sale of coated products for the UK & Ireland. As a result Guardian are now very pleased to reintroduce ClimaGuard Premium with its new temperable mate ClimaGuard Premium T2 back to the ClimaGuard Low E product range for the UK.

ClimaGuard Premium is a dual product 1.1 Low E glass with exceptional light transmission of 80% and a very neutral appearance. This new temperable product, ClimaGuard Premium T2, has been re-engineered based on ClimaGuard A+ technology and now offers drastically improved thermal stability and durability through the tempering process. The new ClimaGuard Premium T2 offers the same emissivity of 0,03 as ClimaGuard Premium which can produce U values as low as 1.1 W/m2K in double glazed units or 0.6 W/m2K in triple glazed units with two panes of ClimaGuard Premium surfaces 3 & 5. The new product also offers improved Light Transmission and Solar Factor or g value of 63%, making it even more compatible with commercial requirements and the demands of architects and specifiers for commercial projects where ClimaGuard Premium is most commonly used. For more information visit or for pricing please contact