A recent survey by Saint-Gobain Group focusing on the importance of health and wellbeing in the home, revealed that homeowners and renters wanted a home that is safe and secure, affordable to run, with no winter heating worries and low noise levels. These qualities are exactly the kind of benefits the right type of glass can deliver – and fabricators and installers should be talking to their customers about how they can help them achieve this.

The Planitherm Network from Saint-Gobain Glass was first launched in 2011 and it has been hugely successful in helping fabricators and installers to win more work and increase their profits.  However, glass technology and the market have moved on and the Planitherm range of glass has also developed. The Planitherm Network was updated last year to reflect the important role that glass plays in delivering comfort in the home.

Planitherm logos groupedThe conversation is moving on from A-rated windows and energy efficient glass, with homeowners becoming more interested in other benefits such as enhanced security, reduced overheating, noise reduction and furniture fade protection, which can all be achieved by using the right type of glass.

With this in mind, the Planitherm range has been simplified into three options: Energy Standard for maximum energy efficiency; Comfort, which also offers enhanced security, noise reduction and furniture fade protection; and Comfort Plus for all these benefits plus solar control for sunny rooms. The three-option range simplifies the conversations yet highlights the fact that choosing the right type of glass will have a huge impact on the performance of your windows.

Fabricators and installers who join the Planitherm Network are being given the opportunity to win more business by upselling to homeowners based on the comfort benefits of different types of Planitherm glass. It’s all about using language that the consumer will understand so that they choose the right option for them.  The Energy Standard option is ideal for standard windows in any room, but not ideal for south or west facing rooms with sunny aspects or large glazed areas. The Comfort package is particularly ideal for bedrooms, for a peaceful night’s sleep, or rooms overlooking busier streets where noise or security are a concern.  The Comfort Plus option is designed for homes with large glazed areas, bi-fold doors, and south and west facing aspects, where overheating may be a concern.

Gone are the days where one size fits all. The Planitherm high performance glazing range is designed for a more comfortable home.  This means that the glass installed at the front of the house that faces onto a busy road, isn’t necessarily the same type of glass that is fitted into the bi-fold doors at the rear of a south-facing property.

The Planitherm Network provides fabricators and installers with a suite of tools and support materials that will help them to really understand the needs of the consumer and install the right glass for the right situation. A key benefit of the Planitherm Network is the wealth of information on the website and access to sales and marketing tools to help installers to start having different conversations with their customers and choose the right glass to meet their changing needs.

New windows are still a high priority for homeowners but the benefits they expect windows to bring is changing. Security and noise control are just as important as energy efficiency.  This delivers real profit, marketing differentiation and customer service opportunities for fabricators and installers to address these needs.

Signing up to the Planitherm Network is easy – visit www.planitherm.com.


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