Whilst the fenestration industry specialises in making windows, many of its contributors fail to provide a window into their role, expertise, or experience as key-decision makers. This irony is not lost on Andrew Scott, CEO of Purplex Marketing, as he shares first-hand the transformative effects a strong personal brand can have on a business and how it’s high time the fenestration industry realises its potential.

In an industry that revolves around trust, credibility, and relationships, face-to-face interactions are the cornerstone upon which we build these connections. When our customers can place a face to the name of our brand, we share a message of authenticity and transparency.

Whilst many in the fenestration succeed in their company and product branding, customers are left unaware of the person behind it all, and it’s the often overlooked ‘personal’ element that’s arguably most important. People buy from people, and if you can link a strong personality to your company, it helps customers better identify with your brand and makes them more likely to do business with you.

When we consider Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial success, we see a perfectly executed example of how a strong individual profile can help strengthen the notoriety of a company profile and vice versa. Thanks to the many years committed to building his strong personal brand alongside the product and company branding, the Virgin Group conglomerate have achieved record-breaking success. Made up of a melting pot of different resources, from books, social media content, press articles and appearances, we are hard pressed to find a platform that Branson isn’t known on. As such, the recognition of the Virgin Group is known far and wide.

Drawing inspiration from Branson can help us excel businesses throughout the industry even further. When you, as the face of your company, establish a personal brand, it provides a strong, authentic identity that customers can connect with. Your expertise and dedication become synonymous with your business, instilling confidence in your services. Personal branding allows you to share your unique story, values, and passion for glazing which helps create a sense of authenticity and credibility that sets you apart from competitors.

But what is the best way to build your own personal brand? ‘Thought leadership’ content, where you comment on industry developments and offer expert opinion is a great place to start. As an example, there’s a lot of talk around the Future Homes Standard and triple glazing in the industry right now, and by sharing your views on how this subject and how it impacts the fenestration supply chain will both educate the market and build your own personal reputation in the process.

As for marketing channels, social media is a no brainer, with LinkedIn arguably the most powerful platform from a B2B window industry perspective. Social media has obviously proven to be a real gamechanger when it comes to personal branding, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other channels – you should approach personal branding the same way as you would promote a company or product.

A multi-channel approach encompassing video content, traditional media, direct marketing and live events with content being repurposed and repackaged depending on the medium is the foundation your strategy should be built on. For instance, an article in the trade press on Future Homes Standard could spin out into a talking heads video that’s shared on social media and even a white paper downloadable on your company website. You could then aim to spread this message further by speaking at an industry event – such as the Glazing Summit or FIT Show – or even host a customer or media conference at your HQ.

For some people, this kind of self-promotion can be uncomfortable at first – it’s often easier to hide behind a company or product brand – but don’t lose sight of how powerful this type of publicity is and how it will ultimately help take your company to new heights.

Many of the great window industry brands have been built off the back of strong personal brands and by adopting the same approach you could also take your company to new heights.

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