Actually it’s the six mile high club. On Sunday morning, business owner, Giles Hayhurst and his partner left Manchester airport bound for Barbados, but he received a request from his customer, Worfield Windows of Wolverhampton for a drawings of a porch just as they were boarding the plane.

With wifi available on board it didn’t take Giles long to create the CADs and beam them down to his customer from half way across the Atlantic ocean.

Giles commented “Well, we try to produce drawings within a couple of hours, so I thought I’d keep to that despite being in the air”

Giles’ break finishes in a week but in that time he will rely on hotel wifi.

Do you spend time waiting for substandard drawings from your supplier? – and if changes are required do you have to wait the same amount of time all over again?

Perhaps you’d like to produce professional drawings but can’t justify the subscription or outright purchase costs  – this applies a lot to orangeries where the volume of enquiries is usually a lot less than for conservatories.

Do you already have software but which can’t show warm/tiled roofs properly?

Do you already have software that can’t (or is too complicated to) draw complicated non-standard designs?

Bradley Giles prides himself on quality – you receive a full set of seven drawings from all angles – all with your company logo and colour matched border usually within 24 hours.

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