Jade Engineering has developed and launched a new V-Notch saw, the first to hit the UK market for some years, with the company insisting that a revision of this factory essential was well overdue.

The Jade VNS V-Notch saw has been designed and manufactured to comply with the latest manufacturing performance requirements and crucially to include a number of safety features that allow compliance with the latest European and UK safety legislation.

Specifically, says Jade, the VNS has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. It is also future proofed by complying with the UKCA Directive, which becomes mandatory at the end of 2022.

A number of safety features distinguish the Jade VNS from other machines in the market. One is the unique machine guard which closes automatically as the profile is clamped into place, the only V-notch saw to offer this. Another is the carefully designed waste disposal chute situated on the side of the machine, that allows excess material to exit the machine without the operator being able to put their hands near the blades. The saw is also safely operated by using a two-handed start sequence.

Operation is simple and effective, with horizontal pneumatic clamp cylinders that are easily adjustable for any profiles. The two blades of the Jade VNS are set at 45° to one another to form a 90° angle, with the cutting depth easily set by using a simple hand wheel adjuster, measured using a digital position indicator.

The Jade VNS is the latest machine to be developed by Jade Engineering in direct response to discussions with its fabricator customers, who indicated a desire for a rethink for this factory essential: “A number of frame manufacturers have approached us for replacements for their aging V-notch saws over the past few months and after examining our own products and carrying out some research it became clear that the world has moved on,” said Jade Engineering’s Sean Mackey. “We have totally re-engineered this machine to offer excellent cutting performance, great durability but also including the latest safety features. The Jade VNS is now comfortably the best machine of its type available today.”

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