Thanks to loyalty nationwide trade only fabrictor Glazerite keep on growingWellingborough-based fabricator Glazerite continue to go from strength to strength thanks to their loyal customer base.

Announcing that 23 of their top 30 accounts have increased their purchases by 28.59%, which as a figure is an increase from £4,541,704 to £5,840,248, there’s no denying the loyalty of their customers. With 12 of the 23 mentioned being members of Network VEKA, as a whole, the combined top 30 have increased turnover for Glazerite by 22.84%, that’s an increase from £6,030,344 to £7,407,627 for these accounts alone.

Extremely proud of their customers, and the continued support they give, Director Jason Thompson makes it clear that Glazerite is very thankful:

“I’d like to thank the existing customer base for their continued loyalty. We feel that it’s all about partnerships and growing together, and without that customer base where would we be?”

Also proud of their high retention level as far as customers are concerned, Thompson adds, “It’s no good taking on new accounts if as a company you’re losing existing customers,”

With sales between January and October increasing by 19.94% from £12,254,594 to £14,699,025, Glazerite have been reaping the rewards of their extensive product range, which includes star performer composite doors, followed by healthy increases in vertical sliders, patio and bi-fold doors, and foils, the nationwide trade only fabrictor offers the full VEKA range which is all manufactured in house. Always looking to increase/improve what they offer, Glazerite embrace new products in order to provide their customer base with the widest choice available.