Conservatory roof innovators, Leka Systems has reported a significant upturn in demand for their Leka Xi conservatory wall and base system. Leka Xi allows fabricators and installers to tap into the trend for thermally efficient home extensions or freestanding garden rooms whilst offing fast installation too.

Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director of Leka Systems, explains: “Following lockdown there has been a definite increase in consumers looking at home extensions or freestanding garden rooms. And the Leka Xi is the perfect product to tap into this market. Installers also like the fact they can be constructed in just three to five days therefore limiting the time spent at a consumer’s home which is important at this time.”

The intelligently designed Leka Xi is a modular system that’s tailored to homeowner and installer requirements. It’s constructed using a LEKA base, LEKA walls and the popular LEKA roof system. There are three or four-sided options, so that it can be used for both home extensions and freestanding buildings.

Leka Systems has also confirmed a huge upturn in demand for their conservatory roofing products too. Rhys said: “Updating a conservatory with a solid roof has become the most popular way to making a conservatory habitable and represents another massive opportunity for installers and fabricators”.

This trend is supported by recent market data that confirmed that 35% of fabricators and installers agree that Solid Conservatory roofs are beginning to overtake the typical glazed conservatory roof with a reported 50% split between replacement conservatory roofs and new builds

Rhys concluded: “Before lockdown, we had already seen a huge take-up for replacement conservatory roofs and freestanding extensions and this appetite has grown exponentially in the last few months. Demand has never been stronger and over time we have trained over 400 installers to help them get up and running with Leka products quickly. This figure shows just how quickly Leka products have proved their value in the marketplace and this continues to grow.”

Leka Xi and the range of solid and orangery conservatory roof solutions are the practical answer to create the living or working spaces that homeowners’ now desire. Fabricators and installers that highlight the advantages they offer are best placed to capitalise on the market opportunities. And as Leka Systems typically increase a fabricator’s revenue stream by 10-15% in the first year, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

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