The conservatory roof market is buoyant, but with a wealth of options available, it makes sense to work with a supplier that offers products that add value to your business.  Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director of roofing innovators, Leka Systems discusses what the company has to offer fabricators and installers.


The conservatory market is very strong at the moment with the boom from the domestic sector over the last twelve months. Having spent more time in their homes than at any other time, more consumers are looking to increase their living space by either building new extensions or conservatories, or repurposing their existing conservatory.

As a result of the domestic demand, new build or retrofit conservatory roofs has hit an all-time high and with installers’ order books still full over the next few months, it is showing little sign of slowing down.

This is good news for the industry, but when it comes to conservatory roof products, it’s become a crowded sector. It’s hardly surprising as there are lots of opportunities now available so there are numerous products competing to tap into them.

This wealth of products can actually present a problem for fabricators and installers when deciding what roofing systems are right for their businesses and, as importantly, are readily accepted by the consumer.

At Leka Systems we have been setting the standard in thermally efficient roofing products for some time with our patented Leka Warm Roof, our Leka Orangery Roof and the new Leka xi modular freestanding conservatory system.  All the products in the Leka arsenal have been purposely designed to deliver what today’s consumer is looking for and therefore supports all current market trends.

Take solid conservatory roofs, for example. Over half of fabricators and installers think sales of solid roofs are overtaking sales of traditional glazed roofs, so it’s a growth area and one we have witnessed at Leka for some time.

Leka roofs are up to 40% lighter than other replacement solid roof solutions, which means that in most retro-fit projects, the existing conservatory frames, providing they are fully reinforced, are able to take the weight of the new Leka roofing system without additional reinforcement. This opens up a world of design possibilities and adds real value to your portfolio.

For customers wanting the benefits that only a solid conservatory roof can deliver, but still bringing in natural light, the Leka Skylight is the perfect product. It is a fully glazed unit with a neatly finished surround that doesn’t need roof bar caps. It is available in any height and has a maximum width of 800mm, which offers flexible alternatives to opening vents.

The intelligently designed Leka Skylights are quick and simple to install, which saves time and money on site and helps installers to increase both productivity and profitability.  Furthermore, the skylights give both Leka installers an additional upsell opportunity which is important on every sale.

Similarly, our Leka Orangery roof system taps into the trend for thermally efficient orangery roofs and delivers a U value of just 0.15 W/m²K thanks to the structurally tested, high grade GRP construction, which also means no risk of cold bridging or condensation. It is the perfect product for both new-build orangery style conservatories as well as retro-fit projects.

For fabricators looking to tap into the boom in demand for home extensions and standalone garden rooms/home offices the Leka xi modular conservatory base system ticks all the boxes.  It’s a modular system that’s tailored to the homeowner’s requirements and is constructed using a Leka base, Leka walls and the Leka roof system. There are three- or four-sided options, so it can be used for both home extensions and standalone garden rooms.

Having the right products in your portfolio to support the needs of the customer is always business critical, but becoming an approved Leka fabricator or installer gives your business so much more.  So confident are we in our products and proactive marketing support that businesses typically grow between 10-15% in the first year when working with us.  This is due to delivering the products the consumer needs and our considerable investment in proactive lead generation protocols and extensive consumer marketing which has opened up a large market for our customers. And with exclusive areas available not to fill, there has never been a better time to join Leka.

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