Synseal-PTR-box-PR-imageSynseal’s fabricator partners are being presented with “pizza-style” sample boxes and literature in a new sales and marketing campaign designed to promote the advantages of using recycled plastic thermal reinforcements (PTRs) to replace traditional steel.

Using the slogan “Switch and Save”, the eye-catching boxes are colour-coded for Legend, SynerJy and Shield window systems and contain handy samples of PTRs fitted into the most popular profiles together with a standard 150mm Envirosill, which features flawless virgin PVC-U on visible outer faces and a recycled core.

Made from 100% recycled PVC-U, Synseal’s PTRs deliver enhanced thermal performance, enabling high energy ratings or low U-values to be achieved.  Less expensive and lighter than steel and avoiding any potential corrosion problems, PTRs ensure that installed PVC-U frames become 100% recyclable and are easier and faster to cut and insert during fabrication, with additional installation benefits of making windows lighter and therefore easier to fit while at the same time affording better screw retention than steel, for more secure fixing of hardware.

The British Board of Agrement (BBA) has now approved Synseal PTRs for use in foiled profiles, enabling all shades of finish including dark-coloured woodgrains to be manufactured and installed with total confidence.

BBA approval and technical information such as the low thermal conductivity of PTRs at just 0.17 W/mK are all detailed in an authoritative guide to PTR usage, which also contains easy look-up tables to confirm maximum sizes for outer frames, top hung and side hung sashes.

“We were keen to communicate the technical and commercial benefits of using PTRs in an impactful way” says Mark Schlotel, Synseal’s Head of Marketing.  “Hopefully the new comprehensive guidelines document combined with sample boxes packed with profiles will prove popular with our Legend, SynerJy and Shield fabricator partners.”