SWISSPACER, the leading warm edge spacer bar manufacturer, is personalising its animated explainer video for customers to use to help them sell.

The video, released earlier this year, explains how windows with SWISSPACER inside make the home more energy efficient to cut heating bills. All SWISSPACER spacer bars have a High Tech Gas Barrier to preserve the lifespan of windows and ensure they continue to save money.

SWISSPACER Sales and Marketing Manager (UK & Ireland), Vic De Costa, comments: “Explaining the benefits of warm edge technology to a homeowner can be a tricky task. Our animated video spells out the benefits – lower heating bills and a more comfortable home – in a fun and consumer friendly way, making it a great selling tool.

“Feedback on the video from our customers has been great”, continues Vic. “We decided to help them out even more by tailoring the video so it can be used as a personalised sales tool. So far the videos have appeared on websites, YouTube and Twitter!”

Jason Wilder, CWG Choices Managing Director, adds: “Our sealed units have SWISSPACER inside. So it’s great to have a tailored animated video that helps explain the benefits of warm edge technology very simply so everyone gets it immediately. We’ve put the video on our website and we use it on sales pitches. It’s a fantastic tool!”

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