Images courtesy of:  Caroline Williams, Rest on the Hill

Just over the border into England, sits an idyllic holiday home with fabulous views of the Welsh countryside. To make the most of these views, Internorm’s KF 200 UPVC/aluminium windows have been installed along with its HS 330 lift-sliding door.

Completed by the beginning of this year and designed by the award-winning Architecture:M, the holiday home, Rest on the Hill, had been inspired by the institute of Ocular Microsurgey in Barcelona. They wanted the home, located near Oswestry, to capture the dramatic landscape in a similar way. It certainly achieves that, with Internorm’s triple glazed systems. To help bring the outdoors inside, both bedrooms also allow guests to open the glass doors onto the terrace and take in their surroundings.

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With a high degree of functionality, exceptional heat and sound insulation and highly weather-resistant aluminium clad with an easy to maintain surface, the KF 200 windows were the ideal choice for a holiday home project such as this one. Considering the building that inspired Rest on the Hill, it was equally important to allow for individual design. The designer locking parts are both easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the all around fixing of the glass pane allow for a sleek finish as well as stability and thermal and sound protection.

The HS 300 lift-sliding door also allowed for a bespoke design, with the aluminium surface on the outside and timber surface on the inside allowing unlimited colour choices. Seamlessly fitting into the building, the windows have narrow frame profiles for the largest possible glass clearances and square-edged, all-glass corners to add to this piece of modern architecture.

The combination of Internorm’s HS 330 lift-sliding door and KF 200 UPVC/aluminium windows along with solar panels, air source heat pump, under-floor heating, rainwater harvesting and heat recovery ventilation, resulted in the building having also attained excellent energy efficient standards, achieving a measured air permeability level of 0.88m3/h/m2. The HS 300 lift-sliding door has a thermal insulation UW up to 0.68 W/m2k and standard triple security glazing for best thermal insulation, for example. And as with all Internom windows, the KF 200 offers the highest degree of thermal insulation and energy efficiency, making them perfect for low energy and passive houses. Moreover, Architecture-M took all these benefits into consideration and especially designed the over hanging roof to protect the sliding door mechanisms and windows from rain and sunlight to help extend their life even further.

Mark Percival of Architecture:M said, “With views as beautiful as these, we wanted the building to make the most out of Rest on the Hill’s beautiful surroundings. The design was instrumental in achieving this and Internorm’s windows and doors were specifically requested by our client due to their quality and innovative features.”

photoCaroline Williams, owner of Rest On The Hill, also commented on the project saying, “I met Lee Marsh, Sales Manager for Internorm, in 2011 at the Homebuilding & Renovation Show in Birmingham and we discussed the project requirements. As it can get very windy in Fairview, I chose Internorm for the quality and strength of its windows and doors. Internorm was also able to offer me the most amount of glass with the least amount of frame – a design element of particular importance to me.”

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