Sternfenster has installed its new Forel high-speed automatic glass line, promising increased output, greater accuracy, and will future-proof the leading trade fabricator for an expected increase in demand for triple glazing.

“It’s a very clever piece of machinery,” Einars Kalva, Glass Production Manager, said. “It constantly monitors the glass production, and it will tell you immediately if the glass is the wrong size, of if you have put the glass coating the wrong way round.

“Small missteps like these can have a big impact on glass production, because it takes time to remake a unit. The quality of the finished product is also exceptional. Fewer units are being picked up by my QC guys, and our customers can install our windows confident that they will be the best they can be.”

The new 42m Forel line represents a £1 million investment, and includes a dual super spacer reel station, air cushion conveying system, georgian bar processing, diagnostic supervision module, hot melt robot, anti-static bar with quality scanner, and quality check and frame positioning station.

The line is complemented by a new £40,000 Atlantic six-brush vertical glass washer with demineraliser, and a new £40,000 glass cutting table.

“Our glass shop is a key element of our manufacturing process, so it is vital we keep up to date with the latest, most efficient machinery,” Einars said. “For example, we see that demand for triple glazing is increasing, as homeowners learn that a small increased investment in their new windows will mean much lower energy bills for many more years.

“By investing in this new Forel high-speed line, we are creating more opportunities for our customers to capitalise on that demand across both our PVC-U and aluminium product lines.”

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