SterlingOSB, one of the most versatile wood panel boards on the market, is a common sight in the building trade and is now becoming a popular as a fashionable panel for the designer home.

For Dorset-based specialist contractor, Doors, Locks & Glass, SterlingOSB is an indispensable product. The company specialises in emergency boarding-up, most often in the aftermath of a burglary of vandalism, and SterlingOSB is the ideal solution, says company owner, Graham Bird.

“We’ve been specialising in this area for the past 15 years and, to begin with, we used plywood,” he says. “But as soon as we discovered OSB, we switched and we’ve never gone back,” adds Graham.

“SterlingOSB is just as strong and durable as plywood and it’s better to work with. With plywood, you always get splinters when you cut it  but you don’t have this problem with OSB,” he explains. “We use 9mm SterlingOSB. Two layers of this are perfect for boarding up 20mm double-glazed units. The two thicknesses fit exactly into the reveal and then it’s just a case of replacing the beading; and it’s more secure than glass.”

2013-04-30 17.55.35Similarly, Graham finds that SterlingOSB has the strength and rigidity to temporarily replace damaged glass in most patio doors: “It’s rigid enough to hold the door in line and, once in place, the door can be opened and closed again with no problem. When we started using SterlingOSB, we discovered that it was as strong and reliable as the more expensive plywood,” comments Graham. He continues: “Boarding up is usually a temporary repair but we’ve also boarded up properties that have remained empty for years. If the SterlingOSB is painted over with a primer and undercoat, it seems to last forever.” Graham cites the back door of a pizza restaurant in Southampton that he boarded up 11 years ago following a burglary: “They didn’t bother replacing the glass – they just painted the whole door white. It’s still there today,” he says.

“We’re the only specialist in Dorset because it’s such a low-crime area. In Southampton, there is a couple more companies operating and there are three in Devon & Cornwall because it’s such a big area. Nevertheless, we still get through up to 15 sheets of SterlingOSB a week – and often more during the period from November to January when burglaries tend to peak,” says Graham.

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