Solidor, who have been partners with Insight Data for four years, have revealed how Insight’s cloud-based CRM system Salestracker has helped them to acquire more than 1000 companies directly through the system and with distributor partners who are assigned leads through Salestracker.

The composite door manufacturer fully adopted Salestracker’s advanced features to manage their sales and marketing activity, and the system is now used throughout the entire business.

Amanda Shelley, Internal Sales Manager for Solidor commented;

“We use Salestracker internally in the office for sales and marketing, and our sales team use the mobile version extensively out on the road. So far we’ve managed to bring in over 1,000 new companies using the system, it’s an essential part of our daily life!”

Insight Data developed Salestracker as a sales and marketing platform that includes the Insight prospect database, giving users access to the entire database of over 15,000 fabricators and installers in the UK with detailed market intelligence, along with an optional list of 45,000 builders, architects and construction firms.

“Salestracker is far more than just a prospect database though” insists Amanda; “the system tracks and manages all activity, records leads, sets tasks and has a great map feature and document storage. It also includes financial and credit data, giving us great information about potential customers”

Gareth Mobley, Managing Director of Solidor added; “We have been using Salestracker religiously. We use it to record all the visits we make. The guys on the road use it to help them locate prospects and the traffic light system shows our team whether prospects are credit worthy or not. It has been instrumental in our growth over the past 4 years.”

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